Reception before handover

Pre-delivery acceptance is an essential step in ensuring that your new investment meets the requirements of you and your family. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that every detail has been taken into account.

Investment security : Pre-delivery acceptance ensures that the property meets your expectations and complies with the terms of the contract.
Early Identification of Defects : We carefully identify any defects, ensuring rapid resolution before the property is officially delivered.
Detailed reporting : We provide a comprehensive report documenting every detail for total transparency.
Compliance with Standards : We ensure that construction complies with established quality and safety standards.
Informed negotiation : In the event of reservations, we help you negotiate with the builder for an effective resolution.
Peace of mind : You can move forward in the purchasing process with confidence, knowing that every aspect has been scrupulously checked.
Minimized Risks : Pre-delivery acceptance reduces the risks associated with possible non-conformities or construction defects.
Optimizing the Buying Experience : By guaranteeing that the property meets your expectations, we make your purchase a smooth, stress-free experience.

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