Personalized real estate excellence: your vision, our expertise.

What We Do

At Mexrocco LLC, we’re more than just a Dubai real estate project management company. We are your dedicated partner in realizing your real estate dreams. Our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of everything we do.


Audit PRO

Are you aiming for excellence in your establishment? Our technical audit service offers you cutting-edge expertise to identify and effectively resolve visible defects, thereby optimising the quality of your structure.


Pre-purchase valuation

Buying a property is an important step. Our pre-purchase property valuation service aims to provide you with a comprehensive and objective assessment of the property you are considering.


Reception before handover

A thorough inspection when taking delivery of a property is a crucial stage in any real estate project. Our aim is to provide a detailed report, meticulously documenting every apparent defect in the property.


Construction Supervision

When you choose our construction supervision service, you’re opting for a partnership that goes beyond simple project management. You’re choosing a dedicated team that strives for excellence at every stage of the construction process.


Logistics Management

During this stage, we implement infallible logistics to bring your vision to life. From the meticulous reception of the furniture to its positioning in accordance with the plan or your preferences, our team guarantees impeccable execution.


Maintenance Contractors Management

Maintenance is not just an imperative, it’s an opportunity for preservation and improvement. We ensure that every maintenance contractor is expertly supervised, guaranteeing excellence in the upkeep and preservation of your property.


Rental concierge service

For those looking to maximize their return on investment, our concierge rental service offers an unparalleled experience. We manage every aspect, from property marketing to tenant management. Our goal is to optimize your rental return while providing a hassle-free experience for tenants.

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